Top 10 Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in USA in 2024

We have researched hundreds of car insurance options to assist you in finding the insurance provider that is most suitable for your budget. Here we will let you know about the top 10 cheapest car insurance companies in USA. Our analysis suggests that, on average, the cheapest annual rates are offered by USAA, Geico, and State Farm. You can begin comparing rates by obtaining free quotes for your area.

Car insurance premiums are not standardized, and they can significantly vary depending on the driver and the insurance company. Therefore, if you are on a tight budget, it is essential to shop around and compare quotes from different providers until you find the best value that suits your needs. Keep in mind that different auto insurance providers may offer better coverage options for specific situations.

Top 10 cheapest car insurance companies

best car insurance
best car insurance

We have determined the finest affordable auto insurance choices for regular driving needs by analyzing ten top suppliers and examining average premiums. See below for more on low-cost auto insurance options, including discounts and reasonable rates.

According to our rate analysis, an annual automobile insurance coverage in the United States typically costs $1,440. Our study’s sample annual rates for the majority of insurers are lower than the national average.

CompanyMonthly rate
1State Farm$50
2Farm Bureau$61

1. State Farm car insurance


  • High marks for customer service from policyholders surveyed
  • Below-average annual premiums in many categories


  • Relatively high annual rates, on average, for drivers with poor credit
  • Must complete policy purchase with local agent, even with online quote

For low-mileage drivers, female teenagers, and older drivers, State Farm provides the most affordable auto insurance. For drivers looking for complete coverage, State Farm also offers the lowest rates. In addition, drivers with a history of speeding, auto accidents, or DUIs will discover that State Farm offers the most affordable rates overall.

2. Farm Bureau

Pros and cons

  •  Cheapest liability coverage quotes
  •  Excellent customer service
  •  Few coverage add-ons available
  •  Can’t compare quotes online

Farm Bureau offers the most competitive prices for drivers looking for basic coverage auto insurance. The average monthly premium for a Farm Bureau minimum coverage policy is $61. That is an 18% savings over the national average.

3. Geico

When choosing Geico, drivers with a clean driving record are likely to save the most money relative to the national average – unless they qualify for USAA membership, which necessitates a military link.

An yearly savings of just over 19% is achieved by competent drivers with Geico’s average rate of $1,250, which is $297 cheaper than the national average.

The amount you pay for auto insurance is mostly determined by your driving history, regardless of the insurance provider you select. Auto accidents and moving infractions, like speeding citations, can drastically raise insurance costs.

4. Progressive

Because it offers competitive prices for a wide range of driver characteristics, Progressive is ranked number four. Additionally, a low number of complaints have been filed against company with state insurance departments, indicating excellent customer support.

Cheapest for drivers with a DUI.Relatively low rates for drivers with poor credit and parents adding a teen to a policy.Costs for young drivers ages 18 to 25 buying their own policy are only average.

5. Travelers

Travelers offer low prices for a variety of drivers, which is why we appreciate them. It consistently ranks in the top three to five least expensive companies, even if it does not always have the lowest costs. Travelers’ low number of complaints suggests that its customer service is decent.

For safe drivers and those who have been in an accident or had a DUI, the third-cheapest company is listed.On their own policies, the third-cheapest rates are available for young drivers (ages 18 to 25) and senior drivers (ages 65 to 80) prices that are typically competitive for drivers with bad credit or speeding tickets.Higher rates than some top competitors for parents adding a teen driver to a policy.

6. Nationwide

Because it offers some of the lowest prices for the majority of driver types—from those with a spotless driving record to those with a problem—and for a range of ages, Nationwide is among the top insurance providers. There are times when USAA offers better rates, but you have to be related to the military to be eligible.

The best insurance prices for clients adding a teenager to a parent’s policy and for drivers with bad credit. Senior drivers 65 to 80 years old can get the cheapest insurance.
Few complaints have been filed to state insurance departments regarding Nationwide auto insurance.
Rates are competitive but not the cheapest for drivers who have caused an accident and young drivers on their own policies.


Because USAA offers the most affordable insurance for veterans and service members with a variety of driver profiles—including those with clean driving records and those with a patchy record—we put them in our top 10.

Offers lowest prices for safety and good drivers as well as those with a history of accidents or speeding tickets. Good rates in comparison to many competitors for drivers with bad credit or a DUI. Reduced prices for young drivers, pensioners, and teenagers.Only veterans, active military members and their immediate families are eligible.

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