Bitcoin Price Prediction for 2024-2030

Like the rest of the cryptocurrency sector, Bitcoin is renowned for its resilience and ability to bounce back from setbacks even when others write it off. For the past eight or so years, a number of financial gurus have consistently predicted that the Bitcoin bubble will burst “in the near future.” Even still, the coin is still at the top, and Bitcoin investors are making good money while they wait for the next big spike in price.

But since the cryptocurrency market is evolving so quickly, some aficionados are beginning to question if Bitcoin is still a worthwhile investment.

Note that this represents our long-term estimate for the price of bitcoin. We are not investment advisors, and this content does not serve as financial advice.

Bitcoin Overview

Bitcoin Price$56,760.8
Bitcoin Market cap$1,119,666,757,121.89
Bitcoin Circulating Supply19,639,106 BTC
Bitcoin Trading Volume$54,232,992,211.65
Bitcoin All time high$68,789.63
Bitcoin All time low$0.05
Bitcoin Price Prediction 7d$58,504 (2.84)
Bitcoin Fear-Greed Index79 (Extreme Greed)
Bitcoin SentimentBullish
Bitcoin Volatility8.37%
Bitcoin Green Days19/30 (63%)
Bitcoin 50-Day SMA$45,105
Bitcoin 200-Day SMA$36,801
  • Bitcoin price $56,760.8 USD.
  • According to our most current estimate, the price of Bitcoin will rise by 2.11% by February 29, 2024, to $58,087.
  • The market’s sentiment toward Bitcoin is 83% bullish, according to our technical indicators, while the Fear & Greed Index is showing an extremely greedy score of 79.
  • In the past 30 days, there have been 19 out of 30 (63%) green days for Bitcoin, with 8.37% price volatility.
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bitcoin price

Bitcoin Price Prediction For March 2024

February 28, 2024$57,6701.37%
February 29, 2024$57,8791.74%
March 01, 2024$58,0872.11%
March 02, 2024$58,2962.47%
March 03, 2024$58,5042.84%
March 04, 2024$58,7133.21%
March 05, 2024$58,9213.57%
March 06, 2024$59,1303.94%
March 07, 2024$59,3394.31%
March 08, 2024$59,6304.82%
March 09, 2024$59,9215.33%
March 10, 2024$60,2125.84%
March 11, 2024$60,5036.35%
March 12, 2024$60,7946.86%
March 13, 2024$61,0867.38%
March 14, 2024$61,3777.89%
March 15, 2024$61,6688.4%
March 15, 2024$61,0517.32%
March 16, 2024$63,45311.54%
March 17, 2024$65,85615.76%
March 18, 2024$65,94315.92%
March 19, 2024$64,79313.89%
March 20, 2024$63,81612.18%
March 21, 2024$63,23811.16%
March 22, 2024$62,65910.14%
March 23, 2024$63,02210.78%
March 24, 2024$63,42811.49%
March 25, 2024$63,36111.38%
March 26, 2024$62,98710.72%
March 27, 2024$62,88510.54%

Bitcoin Prediction Table

YearMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2024

The technical analysis of projected Bitcoin prices for 2024 indicates that the lowest price will be $33,334.48. The price of Bitcoin has a maximum potential of $50,374.15. An average trade price of approximately $67,413.82 is anticipated.

Potential ROI: -12%

March 2024: Bitcoin Price Forecast

Cryptocurrency experts are ready to announce their forecast for the BTC price in March 2024. The minimum trading cost might be $$58,296, while the maximum Experts in cryptocurrencies are prepared to provide their predictions regarding the price of bitcoin in March 2024. This month, the lowest possible trading cost is expected to be $58,296; the highest possible cost is expected to be $65,943. It is anticipated that the value of Bitcoin will likely hover around $62,119.50 on average. reach $$65,943 during this month. On average, it is expected that the value of Bitcoin might be around $$62,119.50.

Potential ROI: 15.2%

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2025

Based on a review of past Bitcoin prices, it is projected that the minimum price of the cryptocurrency will reach approximately $108,111 in 2025. The price of Bitcoin might reach a maximum of $126,834. In 2025, the average trade price might be $111,111.

MonthMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price
January 2025$39,565.86$71,055.25$56,745.80
February 2025$45,797.23$74,696.68$63,117.46
March 2025$52,028.61$78,338.12$69,489.11
April 2025$58,259.99$81,979.55$75,860.77
May 2025$64,491.36$85,620.98$82,232.42
June 2025$70,722.74$89,262.41$88,604.08
July 2025$76,954.12$92,903.84$94,975.73
August 2025$83,185.49$96,545.27$101,347.38
September 2025$89,416.87$100,186.71$107,719.04
October 2025$95,648.25$103,828.14$114,090.69
November 2025$101,879.62$107,469.57$120,462.35
December 2025$108,111$111,111$126,834

Potential ROI: 121.5%

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2026

According to technical analysis conducted by cryptocurrency experts, the minimum and maximum values of Bitcoin (BTC) in 2026 are predicted to be approximately $$152,773 and $$185,620, respectively. $$158,328 is the average projected trading cost.

MonthMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price
January 2026$111,832.83$115,045.75$131,732.83
February 2026$115,554.67$118,980.50$136,631.67
March 2026$119,276.50$122,915.25$141,530.50
April 2026$122,998.33$126,850$146,429.33
May 2026$126,720.17$130,784.75$151,328.17
June 2026$130,442$134,719.50$156,227
July 2026$134,163.83$138,654.25$161,125.83
August 2026$137,885.67$142,589$166,024.67
September 2026$141,607.50$146,523.75$170,923.50
October 2026$145,329.33$150,458.50$175,822.33
November 2026$149,051.17$154,393.25$180,721.17
December 2026$152,773$158,328$185,620

Potential ROI: 224.1%

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2027

The prices of Bitcoin and their variations throughout the last years have been examined by specialists in the field of cryptocurrencies. It is projected that in 2027, the price of Bitcoin might fall to $$228,928, while it could rise to $$269,722. The transaction cost will be around $236,844 on average.

MonthMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price
January 2027$159,119.25$164,871$192,628.50
February 2027$165,465.50$171,414$199,637
March 2027$171,811.75$177,957$206,645.50
April 2027$178,158$184,500$213,654
May 2027$184,504.25$191,043$220,662.50
June 2027$190,850.50$197,586$227,671
July 2027$197,196.75$204,129$234,679.50
August 2027$203,543$210,672$241,688
September 2027$209,889.25$217,215$248,696.50
October 2027$216,235.50$223,758$255,705
November 2027$222,581.75$230,301$262,713.50
December 2027$228,928$236,844$269,722

Potential ROI: 371%

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2028

The following maximum and minimum Bitcoin prices are anticipated in 2028, according to cryptocurrency specialists’ study of the cryptocurrency’s costs: $387,922 and $325,682. It will trade at $$337,525 on average.

MonthMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price
January 2028$236,990.83$245,234.08$279,572
February 2028$245,053.67$253,624.17$289,422
March 2028$253,116.50$262,014.25$299,272
April 2028$261,179.33$270,404.33$309,122
May 2028$269,242.17$278,794.42$318,972
June 2028$277,305$287,184.50$328,822
July 2028$285,367.83$295,574.58$338,672
August 2028$293,430.67$303,964.67$348,522
September 2028$301,493.50$312,354.75$358,372
October 2028$309,556.33$320,744.83$368,222
November 2028$317,619.17$329,134.92$378,072
December 2028$325,682$337,525$387,922

Potential ROI: 577.4%

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2029

Experts in cryptocurrency are continuously examining Bitcoin’s swings. Their forecasts indicate that the average price of Bitcoin will be approximately $485,674. It may fall to $$472,173 at the very least, but it may yet rise to $$565,274 in 2029.

MonthMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price
January 2029$337,889.58$349,870.75$402,701.33
February 2029$350,097.17$362,216.50$417,480.67
March 2029$362,304.75$374,562.25$432,260
April 2029$374,512.33$386,908$447,039.33
May 2029$386,719.92$399,253.75$461,818.67
June 2029$398,927.50$411,599.50$476,598
July 2029$411,135.08$423,945.25$491,377.33
August 2029$423,342.67$436,291$506,156.67
September 2029$435,550.25$448,636.75$520,936
October 2029$447,757.83$460,982.50$535,715.33
November 2029$459,965.42$473,328.25$550,494.67
December 2029$472,173$485,674$565,274

Potential ROI: 887.1%

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2030

Experts in cryptocurrencies create predictions for the price of Bitcoin each year. According to estimates, the value of Bitcoin would fluctuate between $693,126 and $823,064 by 2030. An approximate annual expenditure of $712,553 is anticipated.

MonthMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price
January 2030$490,585.75$504,580.58$586,756.50
February 2030$508,998.50$523,487.17$608,239
March 2030$527,411.25$542,393.75$629,721.50
April 2030$545,824$561,300.33$651,204
May 2030$564,236.75$580,206.92$672,686.50
June 2030$582,649.50$599,113.50$694,169
July 2030$601,062.25$618,020.08$715,651.50
August 2030$619,475$636,926.67$737,134
September 2030$637,887.75$655,833.25$758,616.50
October 2030$656,300.50$674,739.83$780,099
November 2030$674,713.25$693,646.42$801,581.50
December 2030$693,126$712,553$823,064

What Is Bitcoin (BTC)?

The first cryptocurrency was developed in 2009 and is called Bitcoin. It is a decentralized digital currency that enables peer-to-peer transactions that are trustless by utilizing blockchain technology. Because Bitcoin uses a proof-of-work consensus process, network security is maintained by Bitcoin miners.

Due to the extraordinary volatility of the cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin has become one of the most sought-after investment options in recent years. It is also incredibly simple to invest in. An Internet connection is all that is required to obtain Bitcoin.

What Affects the Value of Bitcoin?

There are a lot of different factors that can affect the price of Bitcoin. Unlike most altcoins, its price movements do not depend as heavily on the rest of the crypto market and usually ends up being the one to set the trend. However, BTC is still responsive to the general factors that affect all markets like rising interest rates or huge crypto news, especially ones that either concern the industry as a whole or other big coins like Ethereum or Shiba Inu. 

Non-crypto news can also have an impact on the price of bitcoin; the price movement of the cryptocurrency in the spring of 2020 is a prime illustration of this. For this reason, if you would like to have a better idea of what the price of Bitcoin is doing right now, you should be watching stock projections. Ecology is another news area to watch for anyone who has invested in Bitcoin or plans to do so.

Bitcoin is impacted by news about it, just like any other asset. This includes news on blockchain technology, cryptocurrency exchanges, and Bitcoin itself. Cryptocurrency prices typically rise in response to news stories about widespread usage, innovative technology developments, etc. However, any uncertainty could result in a sharp decline in its value.

Is Bitcoin a Good Investment?

Bitcoin is virtually always expected to continue climbing in the future, regardless of whether it is in an uptrend or a downtrend. Thus, it might be a wise investment. Please, nevertheless, DYOR and thoroughly weigh the hazards before purchasing Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

Because these elements are too unpredictable, our cautious estimate of the price of bitcoin does not account for any arbitrary media frenzy or unforeseen laws that might be implemented in the near future. If you are thinking about investing in Bitcoin, though, you should be prepared for significant price fluctuations.

Though less hazardous than other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is nevertheless quite erratic and unpredictable when compared to more conventional investing options like the stock market.


Will Bitcoin ever hit $100K? 

Considering the fact that Bitcoin’s price has already doubled its value several times in the past, it is possible. However, it would require another market-wide price surge and at least one trip to the moon. 

Will Bitcoin go back down to $10K? 

It is possible. After all, the cryptocurrency market is incredibly volatile, and the question of crypto regulation remains uncertain. 

Is Bitcoin a good investment in 2023? 

Whether Bitcoin is a good investment or not depends on your portfolio and risk appetite. It is still going strong, and despite all the online doomposting coming from various stock market experts, the crypto market “bubble” still hasn’t popped. If it fits into your portfolio, and you believe in it as an asset, Bitcoin can indeed be a good investment in 2023.

How high can Bitcoin go in 10 years? 

In 10 years, Bitcoin can reach $100K or even hit $200K. As long as there are no threats to it in terms of competition and regulation, its finite supply and growing popularity should ensure that it keeps on reaching new price highs. 

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